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KCK Insect Repellent is an liquid spray that contains Citronella essence and plant extracts.It only needs to be applied on traces of insects / bugs to achieve long lasting in drawing away / eliminating anys , cockroaches , termites , geckos , dog lice , bed bugs and many others .
KCK Insect Repellent is totally safe for animals and plants.
It can be sprayed directly onto your plants to drive away pets and bugs , on dogs bodies / wounds to drive away dog lice and flies.

  1. To draw away / eliminate ants , spray onto traces / walking lines of ants. If ants are seen on table ,spray onto table legs.
  2. To draw away rats, spray onto traces / walking lines of rats.
  3. To draw away / eliminate cockroaches, spray on the area they always appear.
  4. To draw away lizards / geckos, spray onto bottom edges of walls or window frames.
  5. To draw away / eliminate termites, spray on the exit / entrance of their nests.
  6. To draw away / eliminate pests bugs such as planthoppers from infesting your plants , spray a small amount directly onto the plants .KCK Insect Repellent is totally safe.
  7. To draw away / eliminate dog lice, spray onto dog’s body. You can also spray on a dog’s injured area. It’s safe to your dog even if licks the wound.
  8. To draw away / eliminate bed bugs, spray onto the frames of beds and bottom edges of walls.
  9. To the eradication of mosquitoes, they sprayed in the dark places.
Beware of fake
Oil - Free non - toxic

Did You Know ?
Most insecticides and pesticides are used in addition to killing pests.
Some even killing human beings! Such as common Insecticide , pyrethrin , will lead the call if Inhaled Suction problems , causing life-threatening.
Beware of fake Oil-free non-toxic

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